Wattleton Park Dental Practice
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Welcome to The Wattleton Park Dental Practice

Surgery Hours

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The practiceWattleton Park Dental Practice
47 Wattleton Road

Phone and Fax 01494 675402
Website www.wpdental.co.uk

Email: dentists@wpdental.co.uk

The Wattleton Park Dental Practice has now become part of The Garden View Dental Practice –

Shirley Law, BDS Lond.LDS RCS Eng, Emma Baggaley, BChD Leeds, MGDP UK

The Wattleton Park Dental Practice opened in 1978. We are a small and friendly family practice with a preventive approach. Our aim is to treat you in a sensitive and compassionate manner and help you achieve and maintain an attractive and healthy mouth.

We see adult patients on a private basis, or under the Denplan Scheme. Children of our patients, under the age of 18 may be seen on the NHS, privately, or on Denplan.

"Air Conditioned Surgery"

Read a recent testimonial

The phrase “no pain, no gain” was the mantra of the dentists I had the misfortune of attending as a child and I grew up with a fear and distrust of anyone who earned their living from tampering with teeth. About 5 years ago I met Shirley of The Wattleton Park Dental Practice, and have come to realise that not all dentists are trained by the dentist in The Little Shop of Horrors!

Shirley and Emma are without doubt the best dentists I have ever allowed near my mouth as are their hygienists Carol & Janet. It doesn’t matter who I’m booked to see they are friendly, gentle and I usually leave the practice laughing. Above all of this I have had far less trouble with my teeth than I did before coming to Wattleton Park and I NEVER feel like they are doing something unnecessarily – if they recommend something it’s because I need it not because it will make them the most money! – Sally H

Surgery Hours

Day Dentist     Hygienist  
Monday Emma 08.30-16.30   Carol L 08.30-13.00
Tuesday Emma 09.00-14.30      
Wednesday Shirley 08.30-17.00   Janet 08.30-13.00
Thursday Emma 08.30-14.30   Janet 08.30-13.00
Friday Emma 08.30-14.30   Carol B 08.30-13.00
Saturday Emma 08.30-13.00      

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