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We offer a full range of general dental treatment, and refer to specialist practitioners for more complex procedures. We regularly attend post graduate courses throughout the year in order to keep abreast of new developments in dental treatment, and we use many of the latest advances in technology.


whitened teeth photographWhiter teeth look healthier, younger and brighten the face. The procedure is simple and pain free. A custom made tray, containing a small amount of whitening gel is worn at night, although it may be worn during the day for 2-3 hours. Teeth are gradually lightened using this "home bleaching" technique.

For a faster result we have an “in surgery” treatment. In the examples shown here, the patient’s teeth have been lightened several shades from an ‘A4 to a ‘B2’


Veneered teeth photographOften teeth are straightened by using braces, but many adults do not want to wear braces for 2-3 years. A similar improvement can be produced using advances in dental technology. Porcelain veneers look completely natural and can also strengthen worn and chipped teeth. Very little preparation of the teeth is needed to change the shape, and colour of the teeth. Crooked teeth can be made to appear straighter.

A good result can thus be achieved, without affecting dental health. Very little drilling was needed to achieve the result in the example shown here.


Crowns are generally used to improve and strengthen misshapen, broken, or discoloured teeth. They cover the whole tooth, are extremely strong and will protect the tooth. The crown will look totally natural and will be hand made to the shape and colour desired. Great aesthetic results can be achieved using crowns.

Gingival veneers

Gingival veneers photographWith ageing and also with disease, the gums recede exposing the neck of the teeth. The result can be very unsightly and ageing.

In this example, a silicone gingival veneer has been made to slip over the neck of the teeth, and restore the normal contours, giving a more youthful appearance.


Do not always mean dentures! They can be filled in many ways:


Bridges provide a long term aesthetic solution to replacing missing teeth. The teeth either side of a space are used to support the replacement tooth/teeth. The bridge is cemented securely in place and functions and feels like normal teeth, giving the wearer more confidence. We can also make ‘sticky’ bridges which are bonded to a tooth or teeth adjacent to the gap

Dental Implants

We refer patients to a specialist practitioner for these procedures. Natural looking replacement teeth are held in the mouth attached to pure titanium implants which are inserted in a minor surgical procedure. Implants are a long term solution and can be used in most situations where teeth are missing.

Frightened of needles?

We can offer you a needle free anaesthetic, if you're unhappy at the thought of an injection, and also pain free scaling, using a topical anaesthetic gel.

Low Radiation

We use a digital sensor instead of film, thus needing lower radiation. The X-ray appears instantly on the computer screen so we can tell straight away if there is a problem. We also have a miniature video camera, which we use to show the inside of the mouth.

Cross Infection

For our mutual safety, disposable items are used wherever possible. All instruments are cleaned ultrasonically before autoclaving to ensure total sterilization and fresh gloves are worn for every patient.


Emergency Treatment

At weekends and holiday periods we share the care for our patients with a rota of carefully chosen dental practices.


Priority Booking

Regular dental check - ups are vital to maintain a health mouth so we recommend advance booking. This enables patients to reserve the time most convenient for the next routine examination, or hygienist appointment. As a courtesy, we will remind you nearer the appointment date, by phone, e-mail or text message.



Our fees are based on the chair side time reserved for your individual needs. We take the time needed to do the right thing for you and we believe in using the best materials and labs to give good results, both in appearance and performance. Work involving dental technicians will incur their laboratory charges. Estimates can be provided for complex or prolonged treatment. For your convenience we accept payment by credit and switch cards as well as cash and cheques and we appreciate accounts to be settled on the day of the treatment.

We are a Denplan practice providing treatment for a monthly fee. Please ask for details.

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